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At Sand & Sebolt, we devote our practice to one area of practice—Intellectual Property. All of our attorneys share this devotion. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, licensing and associated litigation are our only focus. We provide quality legal services by meeting the Intellectual Property needs of individual entrepreneurs, to middle-market and large corporations.  

In the United States, a patent application has priority to its earliest effective filing date. The effective filing date is a critical date because the United States patent system a “first-inventor-to-file” system. If you have a question on the first to file system, please give one of our attorneys a call. 

  • Joseph A. Sebolt Prinicpal

    Joe is the principal at Sand and Sebolt. Joe’s experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, licensing, protection of trade secrets and other business contracts all lend to the success of Sand & Sebolt. He specializes in the thorough investigation of his client’s industry to aid in determining the best course of action for each business venture.

  • Mike Sand Founder, Of Counsel

    As the founder of Sand & Sebolt, Mike has practiced intellectual property law for more than 40 years. Mike is experienced in all areas of patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution, licensing and protection of trade secrets.

  • Laura Beoglos Trademark Attorney

    Laura joined Sand & Sebolt in 1998. Laura concentrates in trademark and copyright law including disputes and litigation.

  • Howard Wernow Partner, Patent Attorney

    Howard is a partner and patent attorney at Sand & Sebolt and his practice is limited to intellectual property law. Particularly, he focuses on patent, trademark, and copyright law and related litigation, as well as intellectual property licensing.

  • Kelly Schaffert Certified Paralegal, Sr. IP Coordinator, National/International Filing

    Kelly is a Certified Paralegal joining the Sand & Sebolt firm in 2001.  She is experienced in world-wide patent and trademark filing and prosecution.  She specializes in foreign prosecution from filing patent and trademark applications to post issuance.  Kelly is a 1995 graduate of Walsh University.

  • Fiona Ferguson Patent Agent

    Fiona is a patent agent who specializes in drafting patent applications, patent amendments and responses to office actions generated by the Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Jaewook (“JK”) Ryu Patent Agent

    JK joined Sand & Sebolt as a patent agent in 2015. JK’s practice focuses primarily on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications relating to mechanical and electro-mechanical designs.

  • Nicholas Mihalic Patent Attorney

    Nick joined Sand & Sebolt as a patent attorney in 2016.  Nick’s practice focuses primarily on intellectual property matters including the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the software, business method, mechanical and electro-mechanical design arts, trademark law, copyright law and related litigation.  Nick also focuses on rendering patentability, infringement and validity opinions in a wide range of technologies.

  • Andrew S. Cufman Patent Attorney

    Andrew joined Sand & Sebolt as a patent attorney in 2016.


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