As ever-evolving technologies alter the manner in which people publish ideas, you need to stay abreast of changes in the copyright laws in order to protect your rights and brand.  Copyrights provide protection of original creative expressions and enable you to legally reproduce, distribute and sell your products.   Working your way through the many complex copyright issues that can arise can be difficult without a legal partner that knows the ropes… someone like Sand, Sebolt & Wernow.   

Your copyrights give you an exclusive right to make and distribute copies of your work, to perform or display that work publicly and to create new works based on the originally created work.  While there is no requirement for a work to be registered with the federal government, there are many benefits to obtaining a federal copyright registration. Registration not only informs the public that you own the copyright in a work, but is also useful to establish and validate your rights in the event of infringement. Registration allows you to take immediate action if a competitor refuses to stop unauthorized use of your work. Additionally, registration of the copyright with the United States Customs Service assists in preventing importation of infringing copies of the work from outside the United States.

Over the years our firm has worked with major corporations, start-ups, inventors, authors, musicians, retailers, photographers, software developers and more.  We have conducted more than 400 copyright searches and can provide turnkey copyright portfolio management services for our clients. 

More specifically, our copyright services include:

Copyright Registration Copyright Licensing Copyright Enforcement
Copyright Searches Copyright Analysis Copyright Portfolio Management
Dispute Resolution Copyright Prosecution Internet and domain name issues
Create & Negotiate Copyright Agreements Developing effective copyright strategies DMCA Copyright Take Down Notices

Trade Secrets

Simply put, any confidential business information which gives your company a competitive edge should be considered a trade secret and treated as such.  If the process used to manufacture your products, for example, is proprietary, that makes it a trade secret and the use of such information by unauthorized individuals or companies can legally be considered as an unfair practice and a violation of a trade secret.  Trade secrets often include sales methods, customer lists, distribution plans, customer profiles, prospect lists, advertising strategies, supplier lists and manufacturing processes…to name a few.   Other unfair practices include things like industrial or commercial espionage, breach of contract, breach of confidence and violation of non-disclosure or non-compete agreements.  Sand, Sebolt & Wernow can help you safeguard your trade secrets

More specifically, our copyright services include:

Enforcing Confidentiality Agreements Enforcing Non-Disclosure Agreement Infringement Opinions
Infringement Monitoring Infringement Counseling UTSA Litigation
DTSA Litigation Developing effective copyright strategies Dispute resolution
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