While we avoid litigation when possible, sometimes it’s the only way to protect your intellectual property.

Litigation: The Sword & Shield Of IP Protection

New ideas can disrupt entire markets and change the playing field. That’s why your big ideas and intellectual property need protection. But when just shielding your intellectual property from those who would illegally exploit it is not enough…sometimes you need to draw the sword of litigation. In either instance, Sand, Sebolt & Wernow will have your back.
We do, however, understand that litigation is expensive and time-consuming…that’s why we always try to address IP-related litigation issues through negotiation and out of court settlements rather than through litigation. But while we try to avoid litigation, make no mistake, if a lawsuit is necessary, we will be more than ready to aggressively represent your interests whether it be in federal or state courts or before the administrative boards at the U.S. Patent Office. We’ll put together a team of seasoned litigators, specifically tailored to meet your needs on a case by case basis…and always give you single source responsibility for any and all work our firm does for you.
When someone infringes your intellectual property rights, we will be the partner you need to get them to stop. Conversely, if you are accused of infringing someone else’s intellectual property, we will make sure you are prepared to defend yourself.


Patent Litigation

Our patent attorneys have a wide range of technical experience and insight into the inner workings of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This unique perspective provides a unique advantage in deciphering even the most complex IP issues. We have the ability to litigate patent infringement cases both domestically and internationally. We can provide you with a full range of patent litigation representation including infringement opinions, injunctions and restraining orders. From pre-trial hearings to summary judgments, from trial through appeal, our litigation team will be there for you when you need us most.

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Trademark Litigation

Sand, Sebolt & Wernow represents clients in a wide range of trademark litigation matters, including both common law and Lanham Act trademark and service mark infringement lawsuits in states like Ohio, Massachusetts and Oklahoma. We also handle trade dress disputes and infringement lawsuits for trade secrets, unfair competition and false advertising claims.  We have the knowledge and experience to successfully represent you in state, federal and/or international courts and can provide representation in U.S. Customs counterfeiting cases, and other trade practice-related cases.

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Copyright Litigation

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, Sand, Sebolt & Wernow has a deep understanding of the fine points of copyright law. We’ll work with you to develop a copyright protection strategy that leverages the inherent strengths of your case and puts you in the best position to win in court should your copyrights be threatened or questioned and the need for litigation arise.

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Trade Secrets

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, you need to protect the processes, technologies, and proprietary knowledge that gives you a competitive edge using confidentiality, non-disclosure and other agreements. But when these tools are not enough to deter competitors from infringing on your rights SS&W will use world class IP litigation to protect your secrets. We have represented clients whose trade secrets have been stolen and have also defended clients charged with stealing trade secrets. We also work with clients to help them protect their secrets at pre-litigation and transactional stages. In some cases, we assist with drafting non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), company policies, employment agreements, and licensing agreements.

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Regardless of what type of intellectual property is involved litigation is a tool to help you protect what’s yours. Fortunately, many aspects of IP litigation are predictable and can be managed effectively by SS&W through our strong understanding of the litigation process, by ensuring that our firm and inhouse counsel are always on the same page when it comes to legal strategy and by making intelligent, cost-effective decisions to align your litigation strategy with your company’s long-term business interests.

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