The Sand, Sebolt & Wernow team consists of attorneys who are engineers, patent agents and in-house drafting professionals highly experienced in the creation and management of patent portfolios.  We are also skilled at identifying, developing and implementing effective strategies to protect your intellectual property.   Because we are engineers, scientists and business executives as well as intellectual property attorneys, we have the skills to fully understand your technology and the potential impact it might have on your industry.

Over the past 30 years, our firm has:

    • Prosecuted and maintained more than 8,190 domestic and international applications for patents
    • Handled patent and IP-related litigation in District Courts ranging from Ohio to California, New York, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida.
    • Provided clients with comprehensive, inbound and outbound cross-border IP services by   creating an international network and partnership with some of the world’s top IP law firms in Europe, South America, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.
    • Counseled clients on complex procedural &  legal proceedings
    • Conducted global assessments of our clients’  IP portfolios and assets to determine the best strategy to protect their IP investments and their bottom line. This often required revising internal processes, improving safeguards, conducting market assessments, evaluating their existing portfolio and/or selling off or licensing assets that no longer fit the company’s business plan.

In-House Drafting                                                                                                                 
Another way we differ from other IP law firms is we can provide you with inhouse drafting capabilities. Concise drawings are imperative for the success of any patent application. Our drafting experts can develop and assemble a complete set of drawings detailing the full scope of your ideas or inventions that clearly capture each claim specified in your patent application. Our drafting team works closely with your scientists and engineers to gain a precise understanding of the technology and then translates this understanding into drawings to satisfy the myriad requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

More specifically, our patent-related services include:

Protecting Innovations Patent Searches Patentability Opinions
Drafting Patent Applications Prosecuting Patent Applications Design Patents
Utility Patents International Patent Prosecution Patent Appeals
Re-examination & Re-issues Interferences & Derivations Portfolio Management
Due Diligence Reviews Patent Enforcements Invalidity Searches/Opinions
Freedom To Operate Searches Inter Parts Review Proceedings Patent Licensing
Technology Transfer International Patent Opposition Product Clearance Searches
Provisional Patent Applications Patent Assignments Foreign PCT Patent Applications
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