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A copyright provides protection for a wide range of original, creative expressions such as artwork, music, books, and technical drawings. Your copyright will give you the exclusive right to make, distribute, and sell copies of your work. You will be able to perform, display, and create new works publicly.

There are many benefits to registering your copyright and you can trust us to lead you through the process. When registered, your copyright indicates that you fully own the rights to your original, creative expression. In the event of infringement, your copyright will serve as your defense against unauthorized use of your work. This includes any attempt to import copies from outside of the United States as well.

At Sand, Sebolt & Wernow, our team has conducted more than 400 copyright searches as a part of our comprehensive copyright services. To do this, we have partnered with clients ranging from major corporations to start-ups and individuals, and we look forward to partnering with you too.

Copyrights Services

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Searches
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Create & Negotiate Copyright Agreements
  • Copyright Licensing
  • Copyright Analysis
  • Copyright Prosecution
  • Developing Effective Copyright Strategies
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Copyright Portfolio Management
  • Internet Domain Name Issues
  • DMCA Copyright Takedown Notices