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A trademark is a recognizable name, design, or symbol used to identify your products or services. You can file a trademark application for a single word, a unique design or logo, a color scheme, trade dress, or even distinctive sounds. At Sand, Sebolt & Wernow, we’ll guide you through the process of developing and registering a unique trademark that effectively identifies your product or service. Once registered, we will legally designate your products and services from competitors. This is important because your registered trademark is often the foundation for your marketing, branding and sales strategy. We will also advise you on the best way to protect the valuable trademarks you are already using.

Do you conduct business in more than one country? You can trust we have the expertise to lead you through the international registration process. We have experience filing trademark applications in many countries around the world. We only partner with well-respected international law firms to ensure that your trademark is protected where it matters most. Once approved, your trademark becomes an international mark in each of the countries designated in your application, and will be guaranteed to meet the minimum standards established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Over the years, we’ve registered and protected more than 7,100 trademarks.

Trademark Litigation

Your trademark is a valuable asset and we have the expertise to help you protect it against unauthorized use or infringement.

We represent clients in a wide range of trademark litigation matters. We also handle trade dress disputes and infringement lawsuits for trade secrets, unfair competition, and false advertising claims. We have the expertise and experience to successfully represent you in state, federal, and/or international courts. We can also represent you before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in internet domain name disputes, U.S.

Trademarks Services

  • Trademark Prosecution
  • International Trademark Prosecution
  • US Trademark Clearance Searches
  • US Opposition Proceeding Representation
  • Trademark False Advertising
  • Counterfeiting Issues
  • Trademark Counseling
  • US Service Mark Registration
  • State Trademark Registration
  • US Cancellation Proceedings Representation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trade Dress Opinions/Counsel
  • Appeals
  • US Trademark Registration
  • State Service Mark Registration
  • Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Licensing